Welcome to Birdeez!

My name is Meriam Dwidar, & I'd like to share the story of how Birdeez came to be...

It started when a good friend of mine, Megan, wanted to create a baby nursery theme for her baby girl-to-be, Hannah Caroline. The theme Megan decided on was birds, based on artist Charley Harper's work.

Another good friend, Christy, and I were putting together a baby shower for Megan and Hannah Caroline, and we wanted to make some birds to decorate for the shower. When Megan saw the birds, she really liked them and mentioned that she would love a mobile made out of them to hang in Hannah Caroline's nursery.  

I decided to make 2 bird mobiles for Hannah Caroline's nursery, and brought them to Megan when Christy and I went to help her finish decorating the nursery. Both Christy and Megan loved them so much that they suggested that I make some more and sell them. Being that they are both art teachers, and artists themselves, I felt flattered and started making more. After some coworkers bought some customized bird mobiles, I decided to offer that to others.

These bird mobiles are not just for baby nurseries.  You can use them to enhance classroom decor, home decor, or anywhere you like.  You can browse the store, or customize your color theme.  Either way, shipping is always free!

Thanks for stopping by!
photography by Jillian T. Whitman